The Ciakar are a race of repto-avians with beaks, teeth, claws, feathers and large, glowing red eyes. They are gray in color and have large wings that look like bat wings that are also covered with bird-like feathers. They have empathic and psychic abilities that allow them to sense certain events in the future and often use that power to try and stop terrible things from happening, but they can't stop what is inevitable. They come from a planet called Ciakar Prime that is far away from its small red dwarf star. Because it is far away, it is mostly covered with ice and snow and has very dim light. A pair of them were responsible for the Mothman Incident at Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and were a result of a bridge that collapsed and killed many humans. One tried to stop the other from taking over Earth and was unable to prevent that something terrible would happen inevitably. So, it was either let the bridge collapse and allow innocent people to die, or let the Earth be conquered, and allow the entire human race to be wiped out.