Multiverse Exploration Administration

The Multiverse Exploration Administration(M.E.A.) is an organization fromed by humans, martians and other sentient species, solar and extrasolar, to explore and potentially colonize alternative versions of the Sol System and other nearby systems existing in parallel universes. The purpose is also to form alliances with humans and other sentient species that also exist in parallel universes. Though parallel universes with governing laws identical to ours are ideal, the goal is to travel to every universe possible. As a result, travellers would have to adjust to laws of physics slightly different than our own. As different versions of Earth and other worlds followed different paths, it often leads to uninhabited Earths, inhabited versions of Mars and Venus or Earths with completely seperate evolution histories, leading to sentient life totally different than humans or other similar organisms. And the goal is to form alliances with alternate Martians, Venusians and Earthlings.

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