The Olsblaes were a race of beings who had the best qualities of both unicellular and multicellular organisms. They were beings that mostly consisted of gray and blue cellular structures. They would carry DNA from different organisms to learn all they would like to know about their biology. Theoretically, they could use the DNA to shapeshift into different life forms, but they choose not to do so.

Humanoid Olsblaes

They are divided they two factions, the first one being those who are humanoid in shape. They have adapted themselves into a humanoid form to allow them to communicate and interact with sentient life forms such as bipedal humanoids of other species. These Olsblaes have branched from the rest of the species, forming into a distinct group unique from the orginals.

Blobular Olsblaes

These, in a matter of speaking, are the orginal members of the species. They are giant gray and blue blob-like beings that can squeeze through small openings similar to jello. They rank anywhere from giant masses of a seemingly jello-like structure with many individual cells or giant unicellular beings that are 6-12 feet large.

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