The Outcasts is a nickname given to a sapient species by other races(much to the displeasure of the species itself). They have no verbal name of their own as they commucate telepathicly rather than with words. They are dark pitch black beings consisting of matter and energy convertion and the absence of most forms of visible light. They come from a binary star system with one large dark star and a red dwarf star. They are humanoid but other times resemble black clouds, both distingishable by three red almond eyes aligned to each other at a single point in the middle, one horizontal on top, two sideways on the bottom. One team was stranded on Earth with not enough equipment or survivors to build a new ship and unable to reproduce because of Earth's sunlight causing damage to their metabolism. One human by the name of Jacob Willington(who was also called an outcast) helped them by allowing the bullies and abusive teachers to consume Metamorphis Seeds in their food and drink at school. A female teenage human by the of Jullie Tara Cheran(who was personally an outcast because people only liked her for who she pretended to be as a popular as the female bullies, rather than who she really was which is a huge techno geek) actually drank fruit punch with a Metamorphis Seed in it openly, knowingly and willingly because she felt sorry for herself and Jacob. Eversince then, they became Emperor and Empress of an entire group community of Outcasts, which then built a successful spaceship, left Earth and expanded into the universe.

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