Parallel Worlds' Classification

The Parallel Worlds' Classification is a method of distinguishing the types of different worlds by how they are seperated from each other.

Type 1 PW: Horizon

Horizon Worlds are worlds that occupy the same space but are seperated by great distance. One Earth that is so far away from another Earth that the light from each one hasn't touch the other would be an example. A number of Near-Human species are actually from Horizon Worlds.

Type 2 PW: Bubble

Bubble Worlds are parallel universes that are budding off of one another like soap bubbles in a bath or an ocean, mainly being the Multiverse.

Type 3 PW: Membrane

Membrane Worlds are worlds that are seperated from us in different dimension stacked on top of each other like sheets of paper.

Type 4 PW: Exotic

Exotic Worlds are parallel univserves with totally different shape and totally different laws of physics. Organisms that live in these Exotic Worlds tend to be unrecognized as living organisms due to the different laws that determine what life should be.

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