The Pentagramoids are a posthuman race who have black and red markings and a pentagram on their bodies(sometimes on the shoulder, leg or chest). They sometimes have gray, red, yellow or orange skin. They are commonly known for their notoriously evil criminal records(which would involve killing and mangling and in other cases eating the souls of the innocent), but this would often lead to the misconception that all Pentagramoids are evil and cruel. They are said to have inherited the skin marking and pentagrams from supernatural realms such as the Hellfire Dimension and are able to sense aspects of nature and the universe that other species can't see, smell, hear, taste or feel. Despite the deadly nature of their being, they are generous in their friendly nature and praise, worship and respect the nature of the universe and share their home with open arms to visiting friends and neighors who come from across the galaxy. They are descended from humans who colonized the planet Altearia Manglistia, and where expose to an unusual cosmic event that sweeped the planet and caused them to mutate into a whole new species destincted from their human ancestors. No one knows how it happened, but it is theorized that it had something to do with cosmic rays that hit the planet as well as a dimensional rift between our reality and the Hellfire Dimension.

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