Querpeds are intelligent cephalopods that originate on a few different planets in and out of the Earth's solar system.

Earth Querped

These Querpeds are native to Earth and are found deep in the ocean beyond human reach. They are brown and resemble small squids or cuddlefish with pointed arrow heads and V-shaped ridges. They are peaceful and friendly and they were the first intelligent species to evolve along the Silurian Age on Earth. They have created great cities, spaceships, technology and the psychic ability to control water. Giant Squids help aid the Earth Querpeds in hiding signs of their technology and underwater civilization.

Martian Querped

They are Querpeds that evolved on Mars and are generally warlike, hostile and are always looking for an excuse to declare war. They are not actually evil however, so much as they love a good fight. They are green and resemble small octopuses or cuddlefish and have seemingly spike like frills all over their foreheads. They are allies with the Earth Querpeds even though they may have their differences. A team of them jumped out of hyperspace into our solar system once, they heard the Orson Welles radio system from Earth based on The War Of The Worlds, and jumped at the opportunity to declare war on Humans of Earth. They encountered the crew of the Silver Spirit on their misquided mission on Earth and were disappointed and embarrassed.

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