"Zydarlene" when translated from its ancient text means "Shapeshifting Seductor". They are a globular species who are by all means the finest lovers any poor, wary soul could ask for. They earned that title for two major reasons. The fact that they can shapeshift into the ideal mate of any individual, and the fact that they are also telepathic and can change and shift their personality to also suit the individual. They come from the planet Zydarlene Genesis, orbiting the Zydarlene Star. Zydarlene Genesis is a world covered with the pale purple goo that is the Zydarlene. If a human were to walk on the surface, the first he would notice is that he can walk on the liquid surface the way walking on water was described in the Bible on Earth. And the second thing he would notice is the smell, it's not a nasty smell but a beautiful smell which buts you in a state of absolute heavenly bliss. Not a one strace of negative emotion is expressed by that individual. In their solar system is the Zydarlene Ring around the Zydarlene Star, which microbes from the surface of the planet, evaporate from the atmosphere, transported to and then slingshotted from by the gravity well around the solar system and into FTL speed all over the known universe. These become the Zydarlene who travel to numerous worlds to mate with many individuals. When Zydarlene decide that they love someone especially, they become members of the species of their mate. A human could tell if someone was a Zydarlene by the pale purple skin, strange and globular eyes and the somewhat slitely gooey feeling of the hair.

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